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Heroes fragrances

Fragrances Heroes fragrances

Whether a beard wearer or smooth-shaven, if you attach importance to body care and a well-groomed appearance, you will be very aware of the question of body odour. The saying that love arrives through the nose is not only an old proverb but also a scientifically proven fact. Of course, not everyone has an equally well-developed sense of smell, but the subconscious perception of ordinary body odour or a beguiling eau de Cologne can decide whether we find someone attractive or not. Particularly in the wide field of perfume, tastes range from the strongly fragrant Eau de Colognes to the restrainedly masculine Classic Scents.

All the heroes fragrances which you can choose in this category will help you control body odour as well as providing the scent note that most suits your personality. There is not just "one" scent: you can select your Eau de Toilette or Cologne to suit the occasion or the company of different people

Before applying a new eau de toilette, any old fragrance should be neutralised, ie washed. The same applies to all body odours, which otherwise would inevitably intermingle with the freshly applied fragrance. Heldenlounge fragrances are not simple deodorants to be sprayed under the armpits as a quick fix. Each Cologne is a high-quality fragrance - in addition to the naturally classic Classic Scent, you can choose among numerous exclusive and rare men's fragrances from selected manufacturers.

The Heldenlounge range also offers you a wide variety of elaborately designed bottles and packagings. Each heroes fragrance makes an eye-catching statement on in the bathroom shelf and is as decorative as it is functional. The spectrum ranges from classical, minimalist aesthetics to original, modern creations, making our range of fragrances excellent as exclusive gift ideas, whether for good friends or for important business partners.

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