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MÜHLE Design Series Overview

Get to know MÜHLE products

At Heldenlounge, we naturally have a deep and thorough understanding of the products in the MÜHLE range. However, as a customer who just wants to “simply” buy a shaving brush or shaving set online, you need to make choices about design, material, blade system and bristle quality.

That’s why we have provided you with a few summary pages so that you can easily get an overview of all our MÜHLE shaving products.

  • Below we have compiled an overview of the MÜHLE design series.
  • If you want to know more about MÜHLE's shaving sets, please take a look here.
  • You can find an overview of the use of the materials in the handles of the shaving products here.

The EDITION series

EDITION is the high point of the MÜHLE collection. The clean lines and the simple voluminous design of the handle show off the extraordinary, high-quality materials to the best advantage.

Each part is crafted by hand, from the screw-on brush heads made of the finest silvertip badger hair to the finishing of the surfaces and the polishing of the brass fittings.

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The HEXAGON series

Shaving tools at their best: for the products in the HEXAGON series, MÜHLE has teamed up with the well-known Berlin designer Mark Braun.

The result? The finest instruments, skillfully proportioned, but not at all conventional. The hexagonal shape of these products combines a contemporary design with archetypal - and practical - elements. The design promises ergonomics, grip and functionality, an approach which has already won Mark Braun many awards.

More information on the HEXAGON series

The ROCCA series

Beautiful, simple and particularly masculine: these are signatures of the ROCCA series. A little more modern and distinctive in style than many MÜHLE lines, they are made of the finest and most durable stainless steel. The effort is worthwhile: these products are particularly robust and will last a lifetime.
Their surfaces are brushed, so slightly matte - they not only feel good in the hand but also please the eye with an extra touch of elegance.

Of course, all these new details of the ROCCA series are an expression of the manufacturer's signature style. The design of this line is an evolution of classic MÜHLE models; the name ROCCA (from the Italian for castle or fortress) points to the very best materials and that a product from MÜHLE lasts a lifetime and longer.

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The KOSMO series

Simple, clean design and both traditional and unusual materials are the characteristics of this perennial favourite in the MÜHLE range. The KOSMO design series is crafted from materials such as fine resin, olive wood and bog oak.

The series is available with fine badger hair or synthetic Silvertip Fibre©.

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The LISCIO series

The MÜHLE Liscio series offers pure design and smooth surfaces. The clean, linear forms of razor and brush form the perfect combination of aesthetics and ergonomics.

The collection includes handles in white, black and brown fine resin horn and a variant of steamed ash wood, which is rendered more durable and resistant with a thermal treatment.

The handle materials are rounded off with chrome-plated brass.

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The PURIST series

The design of the PURIST series draws on classic design features, developing them in a simple, elegant way. The rounded shape is mirrored by the convex curve of the upper part of the handle.

A special touch is the shaving brush base plate; made of chrome-plated brass, it is engraved with the MÜHLE logo. The series is available in classic black and ivory-colored high-grade resin, decorative karelian masur birch or beautifully grained briarwood.

The brush heads are available in different hair types and all unscrew for ease of replacement.

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The RYTMO series

The razors in this series are offered as a Gillette® Mach3® & Gillette® Fusion ™ version as well as traditional or safety razors.

The RYTMO series is characterised by a conical shape, which in combination with the chrome-plated foot enables it to fit neatly into the holder.

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The SOPHIST series

The SOPHIST series is classic MÜHLE. The design recalls the form of classic shaving accessories and continues the tradition in timelessly elegant manner.

Fine materials, such as high-grade resin, light horn, grenadilla or porcelain, are combined with a solid handle base engraved with the MÜHLE logo.

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The STYLO series

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive and unusual designs in the MÜHLE portfolio, the STYLO series combines chic style and extravagance. The tapered conical shapes of the handle and tip are unique.

Available in African Blackwood, thuja wood, spalted beech or high-grade resin and metal parts in chrome-plated brass, with laser-engraved MÜHLE logo on the base of the brush handle. The brush heads in different hair types all unscrew for easy replacement.

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The VIVO series

The razor in this series is offered in Gillette® Mach3® & Gillette® Fusion ™ versions or as a traditional or safety razor.

The VIVO series features a slightly bulbous shape that tapers to the chrome-plated base. The opposite curve of the brushes and razors is a stylistic feature typical of classic design.

The products of the VIVO series are available in black and horn brown high-grade resin or polished red-hued plum wood.

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The safety razor with replaceable blades once revolutionized wet shaving and is now one of the most classic shaving accessories. At MÜHLE it is more than that: a small miracle of precision, ergonomics and beauty, created for wet shavers with ambition. A man who has mastered the ritual - after a little practice - will never want to give up shaving with a safety razor. Suitable blades, standardized for decades, are available in stores worldwide.

Our models are finished in black and tortoiseshell and high-quality chrome plating with fine engraving or in combination with stylish high-grade resin in popular classic colors. A very luxurious option is the razor with rose gold plated handle.

Matching brushes in grades of silvertip badger and "Silvertip Fibre®" and three elegant styles of holder complete the full set.


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