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Acca Kappa Acca Kappa - Italy

Acca Kappa - two letters that have stood for naturalness, passion and tradition for 140 years. The ACCA KAPPA brand developed from the initials of Hermann Krull - the Italian way of pronouncing "H" and "K". They tell the story of the Italian Krull family, a traditional company founded in 1869. This is the story of an old factory in the heart of Treviso, Italy: a story of lifestyle, the birth of essentially Italian taste, culture and elegance.

The historic brand Acca Kappa creates fragrances and personal care products, presenting you with a world of sensory and olfactory experiences that are inspired by scents from the flowers and plants of Italian gardens. The men's grooming range represents four generations of handmade products and an absolute passion for authentic beauty, values reflected in each creation.

Acca Kappa - a family business that believes in the preservation of timeless values: the love of nature, respect for the human body and sustainable production that takes place exclusively on home territory and which has earned the trademark "Made in Italy".
AC 1869SF
€ 12,50 *
200 ml
€ 62,50 / l
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