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Feather - Feather - 10 razor blades for safety razors - FH-10

Art no.: FH-10_10
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Feather - Feather - 10 razor blades for safety razors - FH-10
Product description
The Japanese Feather FH-10 razor blades are suitable for all standard safety razors (such as MÜHLE Hobel, Merkur etc.) and are regarded as the sharpest razor blade on the market. The razor blade is known for its long life (keeps its sharpness) and even after several shaves, it works cleanly and reliably. FH razor blades are double-edged. You may have heard the term "Double Edge" being used or may have read about it.

Feather razor blades come supplied in a plastic dispenser with 10 blades. The dispenser has a rear container for used blades.
  • Details about the razor:
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Coated platinum
  • Length: 42.7 mm
  • Width: 37.0 mm
  • Thickness: 0.10 mm
Our supplier would like to draw your attention to the following:

In the US and other countries, Feather razor blades are supplied with a yellow front cardboard insert with the words "New Stainless" or similar. The yellow version is one of the types of packaging supplied for the export market. However, according to the manufacturer inferior counterfeits have been seen for sale. The version we offer comes with the original packaging for the Japanese market. If you see any packaging that bears old-fashioned looking fonts and other discrepancies etc.you need to be cautious as it could be a counterfeit item or extremely old stock that's since been replaced!

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