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Arko Arko - Turkey

Arko is a traditional men's care brand from the house of Evyap in Turkey. The long-established company was founded in 1927 and represents one of the world’s largest soap and cosmetics manufacturers. In Turkey, Evyap has a market share of 70% of the total soap production. Since 2002, Evyap has also been produced in Ukraine and Egypt.

Although the Arko MEN series has a very modern appearance, the packaging of the shaving soap has never changed. The soap is a traditional product that users worldwide have enthused about since 1957; the tried and tested formula ensures optimal skin preparation for the upcoming wet shave.

Even our fathers and grandfathers valued the quality of the Arko shaving soap. Modern life is marked by constant acceleration and the ritual of wet shaving is often one of the last remaining moments of tranquillity in a man’s life. The time-honoured appearance of the shaving soap conveys a deep, fatherly sense of security to anyone who, as a child, used to watch the "old man" peacefully shaving.

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