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BETTER BE BOLD - Deluxe Bald Care

What to do when you're losing your hair? - This question makes many men very uncomfortable - including Dennis. In 2016, while on vacation in Bali, he realised that his head hair was gradually starting to fail him. After four years, 125 sleepless nights and 16 unsuccessful experiments with various hair restoring products, he realised that the hair loss could not be stopped. And so he finally decided to have his bald head shaved. "Because I never wanted to be one of those men who style the last few strands of hair across their heads," he says.

With his new, self-confident look, there were also new challenges in care. Without hair, the scalp is not only more sensitive to temperature and sun but can also be dry and irritated after constant shaving. In addition, due to the natural production of sebum and the comparatively thin scalp, baldness is usually inevitably accompanied by a shiny head.

Isn't there anything against this annoying shine? - There is now!

Unsuccessful in his search for the right care product, Dennis decided to take matters into his own hands. With the help of experts, he developed a natural, sustainable skincare product that ensures a healthy scalp and reduces shine. The result is the BETTER BE BOLD Cream with a matting complex, which supplies your scalp with moisture, calms the skin without making it greasy and smells pleasantly masculine and fresh.

In November 2020, Dennis Baltzer officially founded his start-up BETTER BE BOLD together with Roberto Bianco. Sustainability is essential to the young company in its products - from working with regional suppliers to using purely natural, vegan and sustainable ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging material to manufacturing the products in Germany.

Now BETTER BE BOLD is just getting started with its first scalp cream, which, naturally, won't be missing in our Heldenlounge.

€ 19,99 *
50 ml
€ 39,98 / 100 ml
* incl. tax, plus shipping