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Beard & Hair Beard & Hair care for men

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Whether long or short, when it comes to your (beard) hair, the following rule applies: the main thing is that it’s shiny and healthy! That's the basis for good looks - that's why real heroes will find everything the hair needs to stay in shape. From beard care to hair care, you will discover the perfect product for your needs as well as the best tips for styling. For heroes on the road, we have useful travel sets and travel bags, which also provide the perfect look and lightweight luggage while travelling. 

Beard care - only the best for your beard! 

Discover all our products for caring for your beard, from brushes to beard balm. The latter is particularly suitable for short facial hair such as three-day beards and future full beards in the early stages. Both the whiskers and the skin beneath are optimally supplied with nutrients and richly nourished, without any annoying itching or redness. 

For a soft, supple and well-groomed full beard, you will find beard cleansers from beard soap to beard shampoo and conditioner. Beard oil not only protects the tips of the beard from breaking off, but you can also waft an exquisite scent of your choice under your nose. 

To keep your moustache looking its best, in the Heldenlounge you'll find beard wax, beard balm and pomade to twirl and sculpt the ends to suit your stylish, gentlemanly look.

Hair care at its finest 

Do you need more volume, less dandruff or products for perfect styling? Here, you will find selected brands relied on by professionals from barbershops and hair salons from all over the world. 

Shampoos that care for your hair and give it a pleasant scent offer a good starting point. For a firm hold and soft shine, you will find the right conditioner. Whether for fine hair or unruly curls, whether anti-dandruff or for dry ends, with the right hair care you can optimise your look and start the day looking good. 

From the bed head look to the quiff, the right styling can be achieved with hair gel, pomade, etc. While a light hair gel is enough for a simple, curly look, you can create sophisticated styles with hair wax and hairspray for long days and nights. For classic style, pomades and styling creams provide a firm hold and optimum shine.

Our top products in beard and hair care

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