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Beard care sets Beard care sets

At Heldenlounge, you will find an interesting selection of different sets with selected beard grooming products. A beautifully packaged beard care set is ideal as a thoughtful gift idea for passionate beardies or those who are cultivating them. The packaging of many of our sets is so elaborately designed that they are ideal as a cool decoration in the bathroom.

You may well want to keep the beard care set for yourself, once you have it in your hands. Finally, it is always useful to have a few quality beard care products t in reserve, and a travelling set whose contents completely fit into a wash bag is always handy to have.

The products in beard care kits vary from offer to offer but all contain the essential resources that you need for grooming and styling.

One product typical found in our beard care sets is beard oil, which is used by most bearded men to cultivate both whiskers and facial skin. Beard oil is simple, very economical in use and available in many fragrances. However, our sets also contain beard balm, beard wax or moustache wax, so that we cover the entire bandwidth of care and styling from simple to stubborn beard hair.

Beard soap and beard shampoo are also to be found in our beard care sets; if you want to get the right beard brush or a beard comb for the even distribution of the care products, you will find an appropriate beard care set. The ideal starter set is a beard kit with items for beard washing, beard care and styling all in one package.

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