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Combs, brushes & scissors

Combs, brushes & scissors Combs, brushes & scissors

A good set of tools that includes combs, brushes and scissors is the alpha and omega of maintaining your beard and keeping it in shape. Of course, you can make unruly whiskers softer and more manageable with care products such as facial oil, beard balm or beard wax but they will only be fully effective if they are distributed evenly with a beard brush or beard comb over the full length of the beard. Since hairs grow at different speeds, you should trim regularly with a beard trimmer or trimming scissors to keep your beard in a symmetrical shape.

If you are a man who wears an artfully twisted beard or moustache, you also need the right tools for the job. For each type of beard, we provide the most suitable beard comb, the optimal beard brush or beard scissors.

Using a beard trimmer, you can deliberately cut individual projecting hairs to keep your beard in shape. Barber Shears are professional tools, often provided with micro serration on the cutting blade, which prevent the hair slipping. For particularly sensitive sites, such as your moustache tips, fine trimming scissors are recommended to snip away any stubborn stray hairs.

For moulding and for working beard-care products through the beard you need good brushes and combs. Those with longer or shaggy beards should choose a beard brush with boar bristles: the bristles distribute both the natural sebum of the skin as well as care products evenly into the tips of the beard. After brushing then fine tuning should be carried out using a beard comb. As combing a moustache with an ordinary comb comb is very awkward, you should use a special moustache comb for your moustache.

AP87 TMC BarComb
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