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Moustache wax Moustache wax

Beard wax is the ultimate beard care and styling product for all difficult cases. If your beard is stubbornly resistant, beard oils, balms and pomades are guaranteed to get it into the desired shape. That's beard care with tradition - even in Kaiser Wilhelm’s time, magnificent moustaches were twirled into shape with Hungarian or Bavarian moustache wax.

Moustache wax is recommended specifically for the care and shaping of a pronounced moustache It gives shine and hold to even the widest moustaches and prevents individual hairs from protruding or drooping over the lips. If you would like you to style a full beard, then just pick up the classic beard wax. Thanks to a very high beeswax content, this wax is like a beard sculptor: Even unusual beard shapes with numerous ends or twisted points are no problem with a bit of ambition and practice.

When you use beard wax for the first time, you will need a little patience, as it is very hard at normal room temperature. You must very carefully scratch a little wax from the surface with the fingernail - not too much at once - and rub it between the hands. Your body heat makes the wax soft enough to massage it into your beard. A uniform distribution of the product on the palms is very important for a successful end result. After working it through the beard with your hands, use a beard brush or beard comb to ensure an even finish, while the beard wax is still warm.

In addition to beeswax, coconut oil and other vegetable oils and natural resins are also used for the production of beard conditioner, beard wax and moustache wax - find your favourite form us here at Heldenlounge. Your skin is immediately supported by natural ingredients: the result is a well-kept beard and calm skin without irritation. No matter what you're looking for, our beard waxes are available with wonderful fragrances, so your beard will not only look good but also smell irresistible.

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