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Lucky Tiger - Hair Tonic - 473 ml

Art no.: LT HT
473 ml | € 42,18 / l
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Lucky Tiger - Hair Tonic
Product description
There are three good reasons to try Lucky Tiger Barbershop Classics Hair Tonic. Our Three Purpose Hair Tonic grooms the hair, stimulates the scalp and conditions the hair so that you are ready for any adventure that awaits you. Keep your hair healthy and neat all day!

Our #1 selling hair tonic since 1935, Lucky Tiger Three Purpose Hair Tonic offers the same scent and tingling sensation on the scalp you remember from the corner barbershop you loved as a kid.
How to use
If you have normal or thick hair, simply distribute a few drops of the Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic onto dry hair, beginning at the roots. Just comb through for effortless hair styling!

For thin hair, the hair tonic should be massaged into towel-dried hair; blow dry and comb to obtain full and thick hair.

If a firmer hold is required, 'Cru Butch' pomade is a supplementary styling aid suitable for all hair types. As this styling product is scent-free, it will allow the pleasant fragrance of Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic to develop fully.
SD Alcohol 40, PPG-40 Butyl Ether, Water, Fragrance, Sodium Salicylate, Oxyquinoline, Phosphoric Acid, Propylparaben, FD&C Yellow NO. 5, FD&C Yellow NO. 6
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