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Beyer's Oil Beyer's Oil - Germany

The history of Beyer's Oil begins with a gift for a friend of the inventor Bastian Beyer, who, like the founder, wore a beard and was only partially satisfied with the care products previously available.

With a lot of know-how and dedication, Bastian Beyer created a special beard oil which enjoyed rapid success. His friends were impressed and after a successful completion of laboratory tests, Beyer's Oil was produced for the cosmetics market.

Early sales figures were promising and the product is now well established. Beyer's Oil is a Bavarian product; the inventor himself produces the beard oil in Berchtesgaden, paying great attention to detail. Beyer's Oil meets all cosmetic standards and is composed exclusively of outstanding and exceptional ingredients.

Alongside the popular Beard Oil, Beard Balsam has also been added to the range. A "must have" for any beard.
€ 29,95 *
250 ml
€ 119,80 / l
* incl. tax, plus shipping