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Manicure & pedicure

Manicure & pedicure Manicure & pedicure

"But I work with my hands!" is no longer a valid excuse when it comes to unkempt hands. A manicure is not only something for women, as even men's hands should look well-groomed, fresh and healthy. In our manicure sets, you will find everything you need. from practical nail clippers to nail scissors and nail files. 

NLH 82438Ca S
NLH 86888Ha XL
NLH 19208
NLH 85237CdB M
NLH 85257CdB XL
NLH 82478Ca XL
NLH 82408
NLH 86878Ha L
NLH 86868Ha M
NLH 86858
NLH 85468ImZi L
NLH 85448
NLH 85428
NLH 85478
NLH 85418
NLH 82848
NLH 82868
NLH 82858
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