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Gillette Gillette - USA

The Gillette Company is a multi-national company with its headquarters in Boston. The company produces Gillette shaving accessories, Braun electrical appliances, Oral-B oral care products and Duracell batteries. 
Anything that the Gillette Company produces is sure to be a worldwide success. Gillette is the world market leader in the field of razors and shaving accessories. The know-how behind Gillette's shaving products goes back to the founding of the company in 1901, as the founder King C. Gillette originally produced only razors and razor blades. 
It takes up to ten years to develop a new razor blade. Before a new Gillette blade becomes commercially available, around 35 patents are sought and $1.2 billion is spent on advertising and production in Boston and Berlin. Razor blades are no longer just razor blades, but high-tech products. Many innovations are developed, produced and constantly revised by Gillette with the well-being of the modern man in mind, so that nothing stands in the way of a thorough and gentle shave.
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