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Captain Fawcett Captain Fawcett - Great Britain

This brand of exclusive toiletries for gentlemen's skin and beard care is named after none other than the colonial explorer Captain Peabody Fawcett, who went missing in 1905 while searching for the source of the Ubangi, a tributary of the Congo: no trace of the intrepid adventurer has ever been found.

It was not until 1997, when an old, locked suitcase was acquired as part of a house clearance sale, that the real legacy of Captain Fawcett came to light: between the dusty and almost destroyed records and travel documents of the famous globetrotter were discovered his personal recipes for beard oils, beard waxes and skin care products.

On his travels, Captain Fawcett not only recorded his impressions, but also collected exotic plants, oils and fragrances for posterity.

Captain Fawcett recorded in his notes the conditioning effect of essential oils, the formative properties of waxes on the moustache or beard and the sense of well-being engendered by pleasant fragrances. The precisely formulated, detailed recipes, written mostly by hand, are now recreated in his honour, in our repertoire of moustache wax, beard oil, beard balsam, fragrances, and various shaving products and accessories.

The successful combination of nurturing and nourishing ingredients with luxurious and indulgent oils and waxes makes Captain Fawcett’s products an indispensable care and beard styling range for real gentlemen of today. Warning: may be addictive!
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