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Chicago Comb

Chicago Comb Co. Chicago Comb Co. - USA

Chicago Comb is the epitome of timeless design, transforming something ordinary into something very special.
The company was founded on the principle that an everyday object such as a comb can be valued as a work of art and design.

The production of a Chicago comb is a craft in which modern technology goes hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship. Each comb is produced from a high quality, stainless steel sheet about 0.25 centimeters thick, which is laser cut to the desired model. The comb is then completed in handcrafted detail.

The heart of Chicago Comb is the local production - everything from design and manufacturing to packaging is of excellent quality and has the Made in USA tradmeark. The resulting comb is be loved and appreciated - when it comes to Chicago Comb, even from one generation to the next. Just like stylish cufflinks or a valuable watch, a high-quality comb is something that is essential to the style of a true gentleman.
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