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Dark circles and wrinkles

Care tips for dark circles and wrinkles

The skin around the eyes is probably the most sensitive area of human skin. Here skin measures just 0.5 millimeters as opposed to other areas where the skin's thickness can easily be two millimeters or more.

Your eyes are almost constantly on the move. Blinking and even laughing exerts stresses the skin around the eyes.

Of course, you shouldn't give up laughing just because of wrinkles but it's extremely important to pay regular care and attention to your skin in this area.

    Tips and tricks to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, puffiness and dark circles

    People with so-called "laughter lines" often have a likable appearance. In all probability, the person concerned doesn't see it in this way. By sticking to the following care tips, you can reduce these wrinkles prevent them from developing in the first place.

    Firstly it's essential to follow a continuous, high-quality day and night care routine for an attractive complexion. Eye creams are recommended for use by anyone aged 20 or over. You can apply eye care creams or gels above and below your eyes and gently pat them in.

    Swollen eyelids are caused by lymphatic fluid accumulating in the tissue of your skin. This often happens at night, while the body is working more slowly, which leads to reduced circulation of lymphatic fluid. Under normal circumstances, this swelling recedes by day.

    However, swollen eyelids may also be an indication of heart disease, poor circulation or insufficient renal function. If you suffer from persistent swelling around the eyes, consult a doctor to rule out the possibility of any illness.

    Every household can use appropriate home remedies to treat swollen eyelids. For example, apply cotton wool pads soaked in eye lotion or herbal tea bags kept in the refrigerator and placed as required on the eyes. Herbs that have been proven to reduce swelling are chamomile, eyebright and fennel. Eye gel also has a cooling effect. A vitalising eye cream, such as the Jack Black - Protein Booster Eye Rescue or the 66°30 - Precision Cycle - 3-in-1 Eye Fluid tightens, nourishes and reduces puffiness and dark shadows around the eyes.

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    Diet also has a significant impact on swollen eyelids. Meals should be low in salt and not too rich, especially at night. Also, excessive alcohol promotes dark circles around the eyes and puffy eyelids. Regular endurance and cardiovascular training have a positive counteractive effect.

    The emergence of dark circles is always associated with lack of sleep. This can be a cause but isn't always the true reason. Dark circles are often genetically predetermined. The "tired look" is caused by blood vessels showing through the extremely thin skin around the eyes. A good remedy is to use a concealer in a colour that matches your skin tone as this can easily hide dark circles.

    Sport for the eyes

    Just as for virtually any area of the human body, sport can also prevent premature aging around the eyes.

    Of course, you can't really perform "gymnastics" with your eyes, but these simple exercises can prevent and reduce wrinkles. We recommend that you perform the following eye exercises regularly with rest periods in between.

    • Open your eyes wide and close them again.
    • Allow the eyes roll slowly three times in each direction.
    • Open your eyes and focus on a point. Now raise your eyebrows and, keeping them raised, try to close your eyelids slowly.
    • Place both hands upon your closed eyes and massage them with gentle circular movements. Rest your fingers on your forehead and your palms on your eye cavities.
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