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Derby Blades Derby Blades - Turkey

The Derby brand stands for high-quality razor blades, which are both durable and gentle to the skin. The sharpness and durability of Derby blades make them the best razor blades on the market, suitable for both traditional razors and safety razors.

All razor blades from the house of Derby are made of stainless steel, preferably from Sweden. The most modern techniques are used to perforate, harden and sharpen Derby razor blades. High-quality materials such as chrome, ceramic, tungsten or platinum are applied to the cutting edges of the blades using innovative dispersion devices.

This is why Derby blades have such a long life; according to various customer surveys, it is not uncommon for a Derby blade to last for eight to ten shaves. A polymer coating on the razor blades ensures perfect comfort while shaving.

Derby razor blades are produced in Turkey, known as a country with a tradition of high-quality shaving. The entire production of Derby razor blades is subject from beginning to end to strict quality controls and all Derby blades meet the TS-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard certification.

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