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Dry Skin

Combat dry skin and chapped lips

Prolonged cold weather can drive your skin crazy. The cold can really wreak havoc on your face, making your skin dry and brittle and giving it a dull, lifeless appearance. However, this won't happen to you if you take these simple skin care steps to heart:

Step 1 - Correct washing and cleansing are important!

When it's cold outside, a long hot shower seems a very tempting option. However, this really is the wrong thing to do if you suffer from dry skin. This is because very hot water removes your skin's natural fat and when that happens, the skin gets slightly off balance and loses its ability to retain moisture. The result is dry, flaky, irritated skin that really doesn't have a very nice appearance.

It's better to start your daily care routine by washing with lukewarm water. In addition, you should replace your soap that dries out your skin with a mild glycerin-based soap and facial cleanser. These cleaners are specifically suited to treat dry skin. You only need a small amount of facial cleanser to cleanse your skin. It's important that you wash off any residue in cold running water.

Step 2 - Lose some skin!

Yes, you've read it correctly! If your skin is dry, it tends to have a scaly, dull and lacklustre greyish appearance. Get used to using a product like the 66°30 - Purity Cycle - Face Scrub & Mask to exfoliate your skin twice a week, removing dead skin cells. By exfoliating, you not only "polish" the surface of your skin but you also speed up skin cell renewal, ensuring your skin absorbs moisturiser correctly. All in all, regular exfoliation leads to a healthy and youthful look to your skin!

Massage the scrub into your skin with your fingers using gentle circular movements and wash it off after a few minutes.
6630 PGM
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Step 3 - Moisturiser!

In cold weather, two enemies are lurking ready to attack your skin: these are central heating and the elements such as the wind, frost and damp! Icy wind is especially bad for keratin, an important skin protein, making it stiff and inflexible. This is the reason why your face and your lips may feel rough and brittle.

The really bad news is that dry skin is more prone to premature ageing.

Luckily, you can solve both problems and save yourself from wrinkles with the right moisturiser. With a good moisturiser, such as the men-ü Matt Moisturiser, traces of fatigue and dark circles disappear, as it cares for your skin with powerful ingredients. It's best to apply the cream in the morning and evening. If you have extremely dry skin you can also try the Dr. Bronner's - Baby Unscented Magic Balm.
men MM-V
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The right moisturiser will help you to prevent moisture loss and a taught feeling in your skin. Moreover, a good moisturiser prevents small skin cracks during shaving, which can lead to infections getting in. Your skin will be plump and supple and fine lines and wrinkles won't stand a chance.

After cleansing, apply the moisturiser to your face. Make sure your forehead and cheeks are well creamed because these areas are particularly vulnerable when it comes to dehydration. If your skin feels dry and taught again during the day, simply apply the cream again using Molton Brown's Ultra Light Bai Ji Hydrator Moisturiser or Face Cream from MÜHLE.
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Step 4 - Skincare from the inside out!

In addition to taking moisture loss from your skin. The first rule is to drink plenty! When you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated! You should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with vitamins A and E. Also, eat fish, which is low in fat and rich in vitamin D. It's been discovered that these foods have a positive effect on the health of your skin and promote skin regeneration.
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