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Foot Care

To perform strongly, you need healthy and well-kept feet!

Don't let unkempt feet ruin your look - knock them into shape with our tips and tricks and not just in time for the sandal-wearing season either!

Step 1 – The Main Wash!

Most men's feet have a bleak existence in the wintertime and the pay-off for this comes during the warmer months, if not before! Ill-fitting shoes, countless laps on the football field and daily running around take their toll and cause calluses on your heels, dry and rough skin and generally unsightly feet!

Getting your feet back into shape again is actually quite simple: First start by trying to remove the dead skin and calluses. Do this by first gently washing your feet in warm, soapy water.

Not only will your feet look better without calluses and dead skin, they'll also be more healthy. This is because dead skin can go soft and then becomes the perfect environment for bacteria and fungal spores to develop.

Tip: Sand makes for a great scrub, especially when used in combination with salt water. So use this natural exfoliation technique if you're on holiday!

Step 2 – Polishing!

Just as your facial skin needs moisturising, so do your feet. In fact, legs and feet are often the driest regions of the body. However, the skin on your feet is up to four times thicker than, as an example, your facial skin.

This is why it also needs moisturising care specially tailored to these needs, such as Speick Natural foot balm for intensive care of stressed skin.

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75 ml
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Step 3 – Power Tuning!

If you neglect your toenails, people will say that you don't pay attention to details and, worse still, that you don't care about the places that don't often see the light of day.

Your search for a top tool will come to an end when you discover the Niegeloh Toenail Clippers for foot care! These specially curved clippers make cutting your toenails a breeze. Once again, it's worth soaking your feet first in warm soapy water to soften the nails, making them easier to cut.

Always cut your toenails from side to side and from end to end but avoid cutting the edges. If you do this, you run the risk of the nails growing into the edges. Perfectionists will round the corners and edges with a nail file. This means you toenails will not only look better but also won't catch annoyingly on your socks!

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Step 4 – Fine Tuning!

Unlike our hands, our feet barely see the light of day. This makes them particularly susceptible to sunburn. Even worse, studies show that melanomas on the feet can cause death just as skin cancer cells can do elsewhere in the body. This can happen if we pay little attention to our feet and don't recognise the signs and symptoms until it's too late!

So don't forget to regularly check your feet for moles or patches and protect your feet with a sunscreen.

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