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Fragrance Fragrance for men

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Not for nothing does modern medicine often recommend aromatherapy: many people spend a lot of money on perfuming the home with sprays and scented candles. Fragrances can beguile and linger for a long time. Long-forgotten events from childhood are immediately brought back to life when we sniff a certain special aroma: our brain immediately makes the connection between the respective scent with experiences and emotions.

Choosing the right fragrance is a question of individual taste; nowadays, the range of men's fragrances is just as extensive as those for women.

Classic men's fragrances have a spicy, fresh, elegant and masculine aroma. Heldenlounge particularly rates the classic scents that surround longstanding successful men of the world, such as Bay Rum, Opus, Extract of Limes and Eucris - to name just a few.
These classics often have notes of citrus, woods and spices. With a sporty and casual look, an Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne or Eau de Parfum works well, with energizing aromas of herbs such as lavender, sage or thyme; explore the vast range in the Heldenlounge online shop.

Here, you can also discover scents to make a big statement in the evening. For special occasions, try the extravagant and very sensual nuances of musk, patchouli and amber fragrances in our assortment.

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