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From 25 Euro - Heldenlounge - Cleaning Cloths

From 25 Euro - Heldenlounge - Cleaning Cloths

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From 25 Euro - Heldenlounge - Cleaning Cloths
Product description

Heldenlounge Cleaning Cloths

Do you know that annoying feeling of trying to take a photo but spots on the camera lens obscure your vision? Or wearing glasses in the rain and feeling as if they should come with a pair of windscreen wipers

If so, you definitely need one of our elegant black Heldenlounge cleaning cloths featuring the iconic dragon logo in red. Use them on camera lenses, glasses or smartphones, or anything with a smeared screen! A quick wipe and you will experience the instant satisfaction of being able to see clearly once again!

The wipes are made of microfibre fabric and are, therefore, very durable!

Size: 21 x 15 cm

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