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From 50 Euro - Heldenlounge - Cotton Shaving Towel

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From 50 Euro - Heldenlounge - Cotton Shaving Towel
Product description
Shaving Towel, 100% cotton, black with red embroidery, size 30 x 50 cm

This stylish shaving towel is perfect for use both before and after you've shaved. Shaving towels might have fallen out of fashion, but they'll dramatically improve your daily shaving ritual and can be used has a hand towel if you're letting your stubble grow out for a few days before grooming. Just remember to wash your towels regularly to prevent unwanted bacteria build-up, or stock up on a few to ensure you've always got a fresh one ready and waiting.

Freshly shaved skin needs nurturing. This shaving towels helps get rid of residual foam or gel, ensuring your pores don't get blocked up with particles and germs that can cause agitation and inflammation.

Please note, it's advised you wash this shaving towel before first use.

Before shaving:

Every great shave starts off with correct preparation of the skin. Place your shaving towel in hot water for a few minutes before shaving, then lay it over the area you intend to groom for a few moments to open up the pores and soften the hair follicles. You'll want to make sure the neck area is given particular attention. If you follow these steps, you'll be able to enjoy a much closer, more precise shave with no leftover hairs and whiskers.

After shaving:

Ideally, you'll want to clean your face with a mild facial cleanser after you've finished wet shaving. Once you've thoroughly washed your face, be sure to rinse it with cold water to help your pores contract and prevent excess debris from getting trapped within them. Afterwards, use a clean and dry shaving towel to pat the face dry. Never rub your face dry, this will only agitate your face and cause inflammation.

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