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A vast array of accessories of all kinds for heroes with a sense of style and individuality can be found at Heldenlounge; these special items, intended for the care and beautification of hair, beards or faces, are also useful as elegant status symbols which the man of the world likes to carry around with him.

How about the exquisite MÜHLE ballpoint pen, which is modelled and shaped like a handle of a classic stainless steel razor? This ball point pen feels weighty and pleasant in the hand - a collector's item with character. Pens like these you never want to lend...

In this category, you will also find MÜHLE care oil, with which you can keep your utensils in optimum condition. For example, the mechanical parts or threads of razors can be oiled. The care oil is also suitable to clean handles of wood or animal horn and to keep the leather of strops, manicure sets and other cases soft and supple.

Gentlemen with a sense of style and humour will appreciate Captain Fawcett Moustache keychains with robust metal rings.

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