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Heldenlounge - Moustache Cup

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Heldenlounge - Moustache Cup
Product description

The Heldenlounge cup with beard logo is your companion all day long and is a real eye-catcher! A must-have for any Mo-Bro who wants to enjoy his heroically-strong coffee in a stylish way - whether at home or in the office.

In the period from 1860 to 1920, bearded chaps were a common sight in English, French, German and North American societies. At that time, a well-tended beard signified a man of the world; a twisted beard was especially popular during the 19th century. Thanks to the beard wax and pomades which were used for styling, beards were susceptible to the hot steam from tea and coffee.

The beard cup, with its horizontal bridge in the interior, allowed a gentleman to drink his tea or coffee without the beard being wetted by the beverage or the beard wax used getting into the drink or becoming softened by the hot steam.

According to Wikipedia, the invention of the beard cup is attributed to the English potter Harvey Adams, who owned a porcelain factory at that time. 

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