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All gift sets

All gift sets All gift sets

Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, a family member or a business partner, at Heldenlounge you will find a wide selection of gift sets for any occasion. All gift sets contain selected, high-quality care products, brushes, combs and other utensils or noble men's fragrances in various combinations. Some extremely creative packaging and stylishly designed products make every set a real eye-catcher, both on the gift table and later in daily use.

Some of our gift sets are dedicated to facial shaving. These include, for example, travel sets or starter sets for wet shaving with important utensils such as shaving brushes, razors and blades, shaving soap or foam and shaving cloths made from pure cotton. For beard care, you will also find a set to suit your taste. Bartöl, Bartwachs, Bartbalsam and other grooming and styling agents are available in different combinations and fragrances. A man who loves and cares for his beard is sure to be delighted with a beard care gift set beard with shampoo or bar soap in exciting new fragrances.

An extensive selection of shower gels, shower baths or body lotions is available for personal hygiene. This includes special packs for facial care with wash gel and facial cream. Some products, which are packaged as gift packs, can be selected in variants for different skin types.Of course, it is not written anywhere that you have to give the gift set of your choice to anyone else... you could just keep it yourself! After all, you will acquire several excellent care products for the body and face or practical treatments for your beard. With so many appealing gift sets, it can be difficult to get an overview. Using our product filter will allow you to narrow your selection to a specific price range or different manufacturers.

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