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Towels Towels

A wise man once said that a man should always take care of his towel. He was right - towels are indispensable tools for general hygiene at home and while travelling. From the large beach towel to the small shaving towel they are available in different sizes and colours. From large bath towels to small shaving towels, they are available in different sizes and colours. Naturally, you will also find high-quality pure cotton towels which meet the highest standards in the Heldenlounge.

A standard towel in standard size fulfils a variety of tasks: In the first place, it serves to dry the hands, the face or the body and you can also wrap it around the head as a turban so that the hair can dry after washing.

What is more luxurious after showering than to wrap up in a supple towel? Our towels are big enough to dry the entire body in no time or to wrap comfortably around the hips. They are also ideal for indicating to the swimming pool with style and elegance: this lounger is occupied by a Hero!

A shaving towel is slightly smaller, ideally suited for the preparation and support of wet shaving. You can warm a clean cloth in hot water and put it on your face before the actual shave: this relaxes and warms the skin. After shaving, you can dab away the remaining foam with the warm cloth. Shaving towels should be used exclusively for this purpose, so that you do not spread any germs from skin irritated by shaving. It is advisable to wash all towels, bath towels and shaving towels before first use.

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