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Grooming tips for men

The perfect wet shave with no irritation

Even real heroes are familiar with issues such as redness, irritation or razor burn after the morning wet shave. But how do you avoid these common shaving problems?

Correct and gentle shaving

Razor burn after shaving

Redness and so-called "razor bumps" appear on the shaved skin surface, sometimes accompanied by annoying itchiness and an unpleasant burning sensation.

Principles and recommendations

Ingrown hair when wet shaving

Redness, as well as painful bumps and swellings on the skin, may indicate ingrown hair.

Typical shaving problems

Beard Dandruff

Dandruff in the beard - there’s no such thing! So what can be done to get rid of annoying dandruff in the beard?

Your effective beard care routine incl. attractive voucher code

Styling and care products for your beard

Beard and moustache wax, beard wax, beard pomade, beard balm, beard oil - there's a wide range of styling and care products for the beard.

Overview of the different products

Moisturising Care

Moisturising is the single most important thing you can do to protect your skin! But which products are suitable for your skin and when should you use them?

Tips for moisturising

Dry skin

During a prolonged cold snap, your skin can go crazy. It becomes dry and flaky, with a dull, lifeless appearance.

Skin protection plan against dry skin

Oily Skin

Some men are particularly prone to shiny skin with spots and blemishes.

Tips against oily skin

Peeling for face and body

Of all the ways to breathe back life into your dull, grey and tired-looking skin, peeling is the easiest and fastest method.

Crash course for face and body

Well-groomed eyes

Your eyes reveal your lifestyle. The older you get, the harder it will be to prevent or hide the damage.

Tips for your eyes

Dark circles and wrinkles

The skin around the eyes is probably the most sensitive skin zone in humans.

Tips and tricks against dark circles & wrinkles

Hair Styling with Baxter of California

Should it be a pomade, a wax or even a styling cream? Which product is right for my hair?

Discover the styling products from Baxter of California

Tips for dealing with dandruff

Unfortunately, many heroes still struggle with dandruff. But the fight is not in vain!

Get active against dandruff

Well-groomed feet

Don't let unkempt feet ruin your look - get them looking good again with our tips and tricks, and not just for the sandal season!

Programme for healthy and well-groomed feet

Care products for the gym

After your successful workout you need care products that take up little space in your gym bag and are not too expensive.

Our recommendations and attractive voucher codes

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