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Hexagonal design by Mark Braun

For the products in HEXAGON series, MÜHLE has commissioned the Berlin design studio of Mark Braun.

The result is equipment for wet shaving in a contemporary design, in which ergonomics, functionality and grip are harmoniously united, a design approach for which Mark Braun has received many awards.

The matte, metallic finish of the handles and the simple engraving catches the eye (for the typographers amongst you: in the Myriad Pro font). The holder uses the same attachment as the classic R 89.

The colour palette Mark Braun has chosen uses earthy tones such as graphite, forest and bronze, which are intended to bridge the gap between the local ties of MÜHLE to Erzgebirge, home of fine shaving culture. This is emphasized once again by the engraving of the coordinates of Hundshübel, the MÜHLE headquarters, on each product.

The HEXAGON shaving brush, with its six-cornered handle, sits perfectly in the hand and is available in either natural silvertip badger hair or Silvertip Fibre®.

Ergonomically, it sits in the hand like a good pen: the chromed surfaces of the HEXAGON razor form a superb contrast with the matte finish of the handle and the design is based on the optimal shaving results of the classic R 89.

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During the development process of the HEXAGON series, this beautiful film documentary was created in collaboration with ERTZUI FILM, Leipzig.

Here are some stills from the movie of Mark Braun’s development of the HEXAGON series.

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