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HeadBlade HeadBlade - USA

The HeadBlade brand goes back to an unconventional idea of the American Todd Greene. As a 27-year-old man, Todd Greene was already suffering from severe hair loss. Since he did not get a handle on his problem with various hair restorers, he decided to completely clean shave his head.

Unfortunately, conventional hair removal methods and materials do not lend themselves to a regular shaving of the scalp and so he developed the HeadBlade. The HeadBlade is a razor for the scalp, in which the blade is held in the palm. The hand itself is the handle of the razor, which is particularly helpful when shaving the back of the head.

With the HeadBlade, a modern bald look is quick easy and safe to achieve. Nowadays, a bald head looks contemporary and directs the viewer's attention to the face; a perfectly shaved head looks far more attractive than a head with patchy hair loss.

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