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Knize Knize - Austria

The foundation of Knize dates back to 1858 in Vienna. Quickly, the fashion tailor J. Knize was named K & K purveyor. Around the turn of the century, the select clientele of Knize included many celebrities, heads of state, artists and industrialists.

In 1902, the company was acquired by the banker Albert Wolff and was later headed by his wife Gisela. After Gisela Wolff , the architect Adolf Loos, who was known for his pioneering design in Vienna, took over the running of Knize. In 1909, he designed a new storefront of black marble and glass and designed new interiors. The avant-garde architecture of Adolf Loos was a close link between the progressive trends in Viennese cultural life and the Knize company, which became the most sought after fashion address in Vienna.

After the end of World War 1, Fritz Wolff returned to Vienna and took over the management in 1918. Three years later, Ernst Dryden arrived as a designer for the Knize company. Dryden had studied at the School of Applied Arts with Gustav Klimt and worked as a poster artist, fashion designer and illustrator. Today, Dryden is known as star designer of the 20's. Dryden's avant-garde fashion gave Knize a designer image and also took the company’s fame beyond Vienna to enjoy the highest, international reputation. Dryden also designed the timelessly elegant corporate logo, inspired by the English trademark, and was responsible for the company’s advertising.

In Paris in 1925, together with Fritz Wolff, he created the first complete men's grooming range: toilet waters, aftershaves, soaps, brilliantine shaving cream, shaving and hair tonics. The collection "KNIZE TEN" came to international markets - 'TEN' is the highest handicap in polo. For Wolff and Dryden, polo, the sport of the English nobility, was the symbol of elegance. Dryden designed the packs of the KNIZE TEN fragrance line that still exist today in the same timeless design.
Together with Loos as architect and Fritz Wolff as designer, Dryden brought the Knize concept to perfection; Knize boutiques were opened in the fashion capitals of Paris, New York, London and Berlin. In the twenties and thirties, Knize was the symbol of exclusivity and elegance. Today, Knize headquarters still exist in Vienna, Graben 13.

Over the decades,the KNIZE TEN men's line has become a true fragrance classic and still represents charm and exclusive elegance. The novelist Hans Habe once said that if he was stranded on a desert island, he would take KNIZE TEN with, because the meaning of a fragrance is not to undermine the resistance of a beautiful woman, but to strengthen one’s own morality. Hence the motto of the house of Knize:

"The intelligence of a man can be seen in his conversation - his style, however, in KNIZE!"

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