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layrite Layrite - USA

For great rockabilly-look styling, Layrite is the solution of the professional barber. With the Layrite brand, the passionate US barber Donnie Hawley has made his own personal pomade recipe available worldwide. This style-conscious rockabilly fan with a hat, lots of tattoos and a weakness for pin-up style, watched, learned and helped out as a child in the family barbershop. At the end of the 90s, when traditional barber shops had almost disappeared from most cities, he finally turned his passion into his vocation, against the prevailing trends. He founded his own first "Hawleywood" just south of Hollywood in Costa Mesa, Orange County, a barber shop decorated in dark brown and cream, "in which Al Capone would feel at home," as Donnie Hawley presumes.

He was one of the pioneers of the modern barber shop. Since then, he has made a name for himself worldwide and has branches in Argentina, Japan and Scotland, among others, where experts in traditional barbering, the members of the "Layrite Band of Barbers", trim beards and style hair.

The brand Layrite is - in the same way as the name of his barber shop - a pun; after a customer told him that he was the only one who managed to get his hair in the right shape ("to lay right "), with his homemade pomade, the signature brand was born. What makes Layrite pomade special is that it provides a firm hold like a hair wax, which makes styling great Elvis quiffs and other rockabilly looks problem-free. On the other hand, thanks to its water base, it is easy to wash out like a hair gel, leaving the hair well-cared for.

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300 ml
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