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MÜHLE Silvertip Fibre®

Silvertip Fibre®

With this hardwearing synthetic fibre, MÜHLE has achieved a global innovation and proved that art can surpass nature. The fibres are very easy to care for and are also suitable for vegans. Processed by hand, they are particularly soft at the tips and more stable than natural hair in the middle area. Further advantages of this product: you only need a small amount of shaving soap or cream to whip up a lush foam and the brushes dry quickly after shaving.

„It’s usually said that the natural product can’t be beaten, there’s nothing that can replace it. But in this case, I would say that MÜHLE has succeeded!“

Andreas Müller, MÜHLE manager

Interview with MÜHLE manager, Andreas Müller:

„Wet shaving is a traditional sector and there are relatively traditional items, and yet it has always been our aim - and will always be - to improve our products. To go a little further and to introduce innovations where it’s necessary.

The starting point for MÜHLE was that there was no synthetic fibre shaving brush on the market that worked really well.

There were no fibres developed for wet shaving with a shaving brush.

We found a partner who specialises in synthetic fibres, sat down with him and discussed the project.

Our goal: We wanted to develop a fibre that fully meets the requirements for a shaving brush and that can perform even better than products that have been available before.

The MÜHLE shaving brush we developed is soft at the tips but still offers a very good massage effect. It creates a nice, stable and firm foam. The shaving brush dries very quickly. The fibres are resistant not only to normal wear and tear but also to soap and foam. We developed a very durable, quality product.

Basically, a synthetic shaving brush demands exactly the same attention, care and dedication as a silvertip badger shaving brush.

Silvertip Fibre® is made by hand in our factory - by the same people who tie our badger hair brushes. The synthetic MÜHLE shaving brush not only offers an advantage here and there, but it's also an excellent shave product.

The work on product development for the Silvertip Fibre® reflects the spirit of the company: We are constantly trying to improve the products and to push the boundaries."

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