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Mitchell's Woolfat Soap

Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap - Great Britain

It was in the early 1930s that Fred Mitchell from Bradford first produced his natural soap. The soft and well-groomed hands of the sheep-shearers and wool-sorters in the local area gave Mitchell the idea of using the lanolin from the wool fat of the sheep for soap production.

As a chemist, he recognized the caring properties of the wool fat and its soothing effect on irritated skin. His mild natural soap, which not only cleansed but also nourished the skin, was very much appreciated by local customers. Soon his reputation spread far beyond the British Isles and Fred Mitchell was able to successfully expand his range.

Today, Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap has acquired cult status. The company is still based in Bradford and produces the soap with a high proportion of lanolin, according to the original recipe of Fred Mitchell. Men from Europe, the USA, Australia and Japan appreciate the fine-textured, nourishing foam of the shaving soap as well as the entire Mitchell range. The wool fat soap is not a medical product, but doctors recommend it for irritated and sensitive skin as well as for various skin diseases.

The Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap Ltd. is committed to environmental and ethical considerations. All products are free from preservatives; only pure natural raw materials of the highest quality are used and none of the range is tested on animals.

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