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Molton Brown - Re-charge Black Pepper

MOLTON BROWN Re-charge Black Pepper 

A popular fragrance note has long since become a classic. For the 50th anniversary of the cult brand MOLTON BROWN, the Re-charge Black Pepper collection is experiencing its revival. The incomparable scent of Re-charge Black Pepper is simply great! You don't know him yet? Then you missed something!  

Re-charge Black Pepper - an iconic fragrance

Master perfumer Jacques Chabert prefers to create charismatic, spicy, woody scents.

In classic Re-charge Black Pepper, he expertly combines woody and citrus notes to create an incomparable fragrance experience. This extraordinary blend of fragrances has quickly developed into a bestseller for cult brand MOLTON BROWN and is now back in the limelight on its 50th anniversary.

Black pepper from Madagascar (myrtle pepper) forms the basis of the high-quality Re-charge Black Pepper care product collectionThis variety of pepper enchants with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Re-charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette derives its distinctive scent from the freshness of lemon, vetiver root and violet leaf.

In Re-charge Black Pepper Bath & Showergel and Body Lotion, characteristic black peppercorns meet the spicy smell of essential coriander and basil oils.

The Re-charge Black Pepper Peeling Soap is an invigorating addition to your shower routine thanks to its black peppercorns and subtle masculine scent.

The Re-charge Black Pepper Deodorant Stick - the hot spice of black pepper and ginger, refreshing lemon and basil and the aromatic-woody notes of amber and oak moss carry you through the day.

MOLTON BROWN - majestic quality from London

Thanks to the excellent, unmistakable fragrance compositions combined with the best ingredients and the highest quality, MOLTON BROWN was honoured with the “Royal Warrant” by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Fifty years of passionate product development has ensured that the 100% vegan Re-charge Black Pepper series is a long-lasting bestseller. As a matter of principle, MOLTON BROWN have never tested their products on animals. Sustainability and a conscious approach to nature were an intrinsic part of the corporate philosophy from the start.

With the extensive range of branded products from MOLTON BROWN, you will experience incomparable fragrance experiences resulting from working with master perfumers. High-quality ingredients, aromas that delight the senses and selected essences ensure the very best body care. The extensive range offers you everything you need to look your best. Experience particularly intense, revitalising and pampering moments! And extremely practical for your vacation suitcase and for when you’re on the go: the limited edition Molton Brown Travel Collections. Which one would you like to take with you on your travels?

The British fragrance manufacturer as a leading cosmetics brand

What began in a hair salon at 58 South Molton Street in 1971 has grown into a stunning story of success. The focus on individuality, the strong interest in a natural way of life, hand-blended hair care products, a concern for our planet not taken for granted at the time, the refusal to test on animals - the innovative co-founders Caroline Burstein and Michael Collis were way ahead of their time in the 1970s. From the original range of natural care products for the hair, MOLTON BROWN has developed a modern haircare collection using sustainably sourced herbs.

One thing distinguishes the MOLTON BROWN brand above all else. Over the years, it has remained true to the original core values ​​and early ethical beliefs. Today, environmental compatibility, largely natural ingredients, and cruelty-free and sustainable cosmetics production are also essential criteria for customers when choosing their body care products. For the MOLTON BROWN founders, this was already firmly anchored in their consciousness and actions half a century ago. With this intention, an international, world-famous luxury brand was born from a former small craft business. Here, you will find extraordinary fragrance creations and the power of nature combined in perfection. Is Molton Brown your favourite brand yet?

The MOLTON BROWN Re-charge Black Pepper Collection

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