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Natural cosmetics Natural cosmetics for men

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Protect nature, because nature protects you: beneath this Helden-banner, (heroic banner), you will discover a wide range of natural cosmetic products, which - as the name implies - are infused with natural ingredients to richly nourish and care for you from head to toe. In our range of natural cosmetics from well-known, international brands, you will find shaving and beard care products, face and body creams, hair care products and fragrances that score with natural ingredients, all ethically produced while protecting the environment.

What are natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are products that are made of natural - mostly vegetable or mineral - ingredients and are therefore produced without silicones, paraffin or synthetic fragrances. The goal is to maintain the body with the power of nature instead of relying on chemical aids, which in some cases have hormonal effects, trigger allergies or cause long-term damage to the body.

How do natural cosmetics work?

There are several different approaches to the types of natural products that should be used in the creation of natural cosmetics. There are various principles to which the different manufacturers have dedicated themselves: some cosmetics brands use the effectiveness of beeswax, wool fat or dairy products in their natural care products to nourish and shape the skin and hair. Others have committed themselves to using no animal products in their natural cosmetics line and offer vegan natural cosmetics. Furthermore, most manufacturers are keen to protect nature when manufacturing their products: look out for regional products and/or organic quality. Renouncing microplastics and experimentation on animals is one of the key principles of all natural cosmetics manufacturers. You will find more detailed information on the aspects to which the various brand manufacturers pay particular attention in the respective product descriptions.  

Our top products in natural cosmetics

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