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66°30 66°30

66°30 is a youthful, emerging French brand of high-quality natural, organic men's cosmetics. It has its headquarters in Paris and has won several awards from French institutions for its effective and innovative products.

The 66°30 product range includes eight comprehensive men’s skincare products. The company attaches importance to multi-functional products that are easy to use and tailored to the needs of the modern man.

According to the company, a well-groomed man’s skincare regimen should include the following:

  • Nourishing skin care
  • The supply of moisture
  • Protection and soothing of the skin
  • Effective and refreshing men’s skin cleansing products 

Of course, 66°30 also makes products specifically for the problems of after shaving or ageing of the skin.

The selection of raw materials and the production of the care series is a major focus for 66°30, with concentrations of ingredients up to 80% while protecting nature and the environment.

The concentration of active ingredients is usually four to six times higher than in comparable products. The ingredients, consisting of more than 20 different plants from French and European habitats, are all organic.

Almost all products contain the patented Urban Shield®, an innovative complex of seven plants that effectively protects against almost all today’s negative environmental influences. The products are suitable for the modern man, even for those with sensitive and delicate skin.

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30 ml
€ 966,67 / l
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6630 PC
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15 ml
€ 2.533,33 / l
6630 PGM
€ 32
€ 25,60 *
100 ml
€ 256,00 / l
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