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Korres natural products Korres natural products

Korres natural products is a Greek skincare brand that has its origins in one of the oldest homeopathic pharmacies in Athens.
Thanks to the wealth of experience of George Korres in the field of homeopathy, the way was paved to the creation of natural toiletries. Today, Korres natural products offer a skin and hair care range, which, with over 400 natural and organic ingredients from classic homeopathy, unfold their effectiveness on skin, hair and psyche. Due to their effectiveness, products from Korres are still available in pharmacies today.

The natural ingredients ensure a particularly good compatibility and are also suitable for sensitive skin types. Apart from the outstanding care characteristics of Korres natural products, it is the scents that make the products so popular.

Natural nuances of cedar, honey, cinnamon or guava beguile the senses and last the whole day for a pronounced sense of wellbeing.

€ 13,90 *
250 ml
€ 55,60 / l
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