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OAK - Beard Brush Soft

Art no.: OAK BBS
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OAK - Beard Brush Soft
Product description

The BEARD BRUSH SOFT has been specially developed for sensitive facial skin and short beards. It untangles the beard and removes dandruff and loose hairs while protecting the skin; made of black lacquered oak and soft and strong wild boar bristles. 

Two different strengths of pure boar bristles are set into the black lacquered oak: inside, the strong black bristles and the softer white bristles around the outside. By using the brush with gentle pressure, short or curled beard hair can be reshaped without damaging the skin. Loose hair and flakes of dry skin are brushed out of the beard while the face is gently massaged. 

Because of their hair-like properties, the bristles absorb sebum and moisture and then release it. With regular brushing, the natural sebum is promoted and moisture distributed uniformly through the beard, a great advantage over synthetic bristles. Thanks to the circular design of the bristles, short moustache hairs can be easily brushed off after trimming when the brush is held at an angle.

How to use

Draw the brush evenly and extensively through the beard in the direction of growth. In sensitive spots, lead the brush with little pressure or hold it at an angle to use the soft bristles exclusively.

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