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For the shave For the shave

The products you use every day on your skin should all be good for it. With our natural cosmetics selection of shaving creams and shaving soaps, you can protect it from silicones, paraffins and synthetic colours and fragrances. Effective natural ingredients prepare your beard hair for a close, comfortable shave. Our natural cosmetics are a good choice for protecting your skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.
With natural cosmetics for shaving, you can follow your daily care regime sustainably without excessively polluting the environment. Natural ingredients can be broken down more quickly. Most brands also pay attention to sustainability when sourcing their raw materials and in their product packaging. Our selection of natural shaving cosmetics ranges from traditional companies such as Speick and MÜHLE to brands from the barbershop and men's cosmetics sector such as Lennard & Luke, Brooklyn Soap or Bulldog.
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175 ml
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