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Niegeloh Niegeloh - Germany

Just as the city of Solingen is known for blades, so the Niegeloh brand is renowned for high quality scissors and instruments for manicures and pedicures.

Brothers Willy and Ernst Niegeloh founded their scissor factory in Solingen in 1936. After over twenty years of producing only scissors, the company expanded its product range in 1960 to include skin and nail nippers, tweezers, nail files and pedicure instruments.

As an innovative research company, the Niegeloh employees succeeded in 1990 in converting scissor blanks without annealing.This resulted not only in an energy saving but also in accurate scissor blanks. Today, the company counts more than 100 employees and is a leading German manufacturer of instruments for manicure and pedicure.

All products made by Niegeloh are of high-quality steel and are distinguished by their extraordinary precision. The elegant design and the high durability guarantee a professional and precise care of hands and feet, essential for the well-groomed modern man.

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