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Nomad Barber

Nomad Barber Nomad Barber - Great Britain

Whether in Singapore, India, Chile or Germany, a good hairstyle is valued all over the world. Every culture has special barber techniques to be discovered, from cutting to massage: this is why professional barber Miguel Gutierrez travelled, gained experience and meanwhile launched his own product line. His motto: cutting hair connects people!
Miguel Gutierrez actually wanted to become a chef first - at the age of 13, he started working in restaurants to earn his own money; however, the hot kitchen soon became too restrictive for the Liverpudlian and he decided to train as a barber and hairdresser.
With a passion for cultural history and barbering traditions, he travelled the world and became known as the "Nomad Barber" on his YouTube channel. This was followed by the founding of barber shops in London and Berlin, where friends of good style and service with beer or coffee can get a haircut with special barbering techniques from around the world.
For Miguel Gutierrez, his own brand Nomad Barber is a dream come true: with his product line for professional hair styling and his own international barber shops, he passes on his experience with the best of barber art from all over the world. And of course, as a true nomad, he still continues to travel, to blog and to create beard care tutorials for all the men out there.
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