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Oily Skin

1. Clean your skin properly

By its very nature, men's skin is thicker and more greasy and oily than a woman's skin. Some men are also particularly prone to a shiny skin with spots and blemishes.

It's even worse when you constantly wash your skin with hot water. Contrary to popular belief, hot water stimulates the sebaceous glands, causing them to produce more sebum.

The best way to wage your personal war against oily skin is by deep cleansing with a special cleansing product tailored to your skin type such as the men-ü Healthy Facial Wash facial cleanser. In contrast to many soaps, this cleanser won't dry out your skin and this is particularly important. The last thing you need right now is skin that's out of control and producing more sebum.

Rinse your skin with warm (not hot) water and massage the facial cleanser gently on the problem areas around the chin, forehead and nose. We recommend Face Wash Gel from MÜHLE or Lucky Tiger - Premium Face Wash. Then, rinse your face and you're done!

men HFW-V
from € 2,95
15 ml
€ 19,67 / 100 ml
€ 26,95 *
240 ml
€ 11,23 / 100 ml

2. Free your skin from grease

The oil your skin naturally produces is great for its own protection, however, too much oil signals disaster for your face!

To combat this, you should degrease your skin twice a week. We recommend clay masks for this, which are also effective for clogged pores, pimples and spots. The clay in this product is highly absorbent and absorbs the grease from oily skin.

After daily cleansing, you can purify your skin, for example, using men-ü Matt Skin Refresh Gel so that it appears to have a matt finish but is still well moisturised. 

men MSRG-V
from € 4
15 ml
€ 26,67 / 100 ml
men MM-V
from € 4
15 ml
€ 26,67 / 100 ml

3. Protect your skin.

It's a misconception that oily skin doesn't require additional moisturising! Oil and water are two separate elements! What you do need, however, is the right moisturiser. For this, we would advise something like the men-ü Matt Moisturiser, which matches the products mentioned above and moisturises your skin while simultaneously combatting large pores and blemishes.

And that's it! With three simple tricks, you've saved your face from disaster!

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