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Personna Blades Personna Blades - USA

For more than 130 years, high-quality blade products have been sold under the brand name Personna. As well as razors, Personna also offers industrial, surgical and medical blades, which are manufactured under stringent quality control in state-of-the-art production facilities. Nevertheless, in addition to high-tech, the company also uses the know-how of traditional craftsmanship in classic blade manufacturing.

Accuracy in production and extensive experience has made the company the world's largest manufacturer of blade products. The razor of Personna razors are especially renowned for their precise cut and exceptional longevity. The blades are made of high-quality and coated stainless steel: with a Personna blade in a safety razor, far fewer cuts will occur than with other blades. In particular, the coveted red Personna razors provide the much sought after balance between sharpness and gentle, effortless cutting and are therefore very popular with aficionados of traditional wet shaving.

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