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Razor Burn after shaving

What to do if your skin is red and irritated after shaving

Razor burn, which is a well-known problem and goes by the medical term "Pseudofolliculitis barbae" is an unpleasant itching and burning skin irritation that can happen to freshly shaven skin. Redness and so-called "razor rash" appear on the freshly shaved skin's surface and can last for several days causing itching and an unpleasant burning sensation.

We've also compiled 6 steps for the perfect shave, which you can see here.

More often than not, razor burn happens when you don't properly prepare the skin on your face before shaving. It can also happen before wet or dry shaving if you don't treat your skin with skin care products or you use products that aren't suited to your skin type. Proper preparation and maintenance and the use of the right equipment, such as a shaving brush and high-quality blades, can prevent razor burn from taking hold.

Basics and recommendations for shaving


Effective shaving requires thorough preparation.

We recommend that you cleanse your face with warm water and a facial cleanser.

This helps to remove dirt particles, bacteria and germs, which could cause inflammation and irritation to your skin during shaving.

Also, your beard should be pretreated before shaving. Special pre-shave products (for example, pre-shave oil) provide a protective film between the skin's surface and the razor. Pre-shave oil can be massaged into your skin against the direction of the hair growth and this straightens individual hairs.

Shaving creams and shaving soaps have the same effect when applied with a shaving brush. Firstly, the hairs stand up due to the circular motion when applying shaving foam with a brush and, secondly, your beard is effectively soaked.

Placing a hot, clean towel on your skin for a few minutes before shaving also works wonders. This softens the hairs and they can be better "cut".

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If you try to shave your beard hair against the natural direction of growth, you'll be more prone to skin irritations. For this reason, it's important to ascertain the direction of your hair growth and always shave in that direction. This helps to pretreat the hairs so they stand upright making an effective shave easier.

Inferior or blunt razor blades can cause noticeable irritation to the skin. High-quality, sharp blades are kinder because when you use these to shave you don't need to exert too much pressure on the skin. They glide easily over the surface and shave your beard in just one stroke. You should always use short strokes when shaving and thoroughly rinse your razor. Strokes of about three to five centimeters are recommended.

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Even after shaving, you should treat your face with a mild facial cleanser, such as Molton Brown. We can also recommend cleansers with disinfecting and antibacterial properties, such as tea tree oil. Finally, pat your face and neck dry with a clean towel!

The final stage of the process is to use aftershave and aftershave balm to soothe and smooth the skin. For sensitive skin, you should use products without any added alcohol.

Here you can find more products from us that have been specifically selected for fighting razor burn.

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