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Samples Samples

You can add 3 free samples of your choice to your basket. We also purchase samples which we can offer you at cost price, when available. We send out a maximum of 10 purchase samples per order.

  • The pictures show mostly original sizes, but only sample sizes will be shipped.
  • We do not have samples of every brand and product, only the ones that you see here are available.
  • You can also purchase samples in Travel size
  • Max. 3 free samples per customer, per order can be chosen
  • It is not possible to order more than one free sample of a product
  • Alongside the main product, click on the link "sample available here" to add the sample to your basket.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot send samples separately if you have forgotten to add them to your order.
men HFW-T
€ 2,95 *
15 ml
€ 196,67 / l
men MSRG-T
men MM-T
€ 4 *
15 ml
€ 266,67 / l
men MRMS
* incl. tax, plus shipping