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Shave Shaving products for a successful wet shave

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The perfect shave

A close shave is essential for an elegant appearance. Although time may be short, the perfect shave cannot be rushed: for a perfect wet shave, a few minutes’ preparation is necessary. Only in this way can skin irritations such as razor burn that can subsequently cause ingrown hairs and other shaving problems be effectively prevented.

Preparation for a perfect shave

To prepare for your shave, firstly wash the face with warm water and a mild facial cleanser to saturate and lift the beard. By using a pre-shave oil or a pre-shave cream, the skin is protected and the razor blade glides over it easily.

The wet shave

The choice of product depends on both the sensitivity of the skin and on personal preferences. We offer high-quality shaving soaps, shaving creams and shaving gels, which are also suitable for easily irritated skin types and create a wonderfully dense, creamy and voluminous foam. When you use premium quality shaving products, applying, lathering and shaving are child's play.

The correct way to shaveWhich do you prefer?

The classic safety razor with quality razor blades or razors with a matching stand or holder in a modern design? Our Shaving Sets offer the perfect razor and shaving brush for everyone and are also a popular gift for friends. Don’t forget our range of shaving accessories with stylish shaving bowls and mugs, holders, racks and soap dishes.

Avoid shaving problems like razor burn and ingrown hairs

Heldenlounge has declared war on skin irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs and cuts. We have solutions for all these problems as well as practical ideas for areas of the body where a good shave is difficult to achieve.

Care after shaving

An important point to consider is aftershave, a nourishing and refreshing post-shave treatment. As well as aftershave lotions, we offer a variety of different aftershave products: Aftershave Balm and After Shave creams for sensitive skin, classic aftershave tonics and aftershaves tailored specifically to the different needs of problem skin.

Our top products in shave

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