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Blades Razor blades for razors

Over centuries of wet shaving, a flat razor blade was developed from the blade of the razor that is used to this day in traditional shaving. Today, the most popular razor blades consist of a replaceable module holding multiple blades and provide a thorough wet shave without any worries. In this system, each blade is held separately, providing optimum flexibility and adapting to the contours of the face.

Contemporary, high-quality razor blades are made of stainless steel and are manufactured in ultra-modern facilities. The razor blades are finished with coatings of platinum and other exclusive materials and with special cutting techniques.

A perfect wet shave always depends on the quality, sharpness and cleanliness of the razor. Whether you prefer a classic or a razor blade system - when the razor breaks the skin during shaving or pulls on the beard, it is dull and should be replaced at once. During shaving, it is advisable to always rinse the blade to remove soap scum and hair.

In our range, we mainly offer razor blades for safety razors. Discover “red” Personna razor blades, Turkish Derby blades, super sharp Japanese Feather blades and razor blades by MÜHLE. We also offer blades from Headblade for head shaving.

Razor blades tester pack

Not sure which razor blade will be the most suitable for you? Order our razor tester pack containing 4 different types.

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