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5 razors for testing - Astra Superior, Derby Extra, Feather, Personna and MÜHLE blades

Art no.: HL K6 FH PER
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5 razors for testing - Astra Superior, Derby Extra, Feather, Personna and MÜHLE blades
Product description

Astra Superior

Made in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Astra Superior Platinum razor is a traditional safety razor made from stainless razor blade steel strip (0.10 mm) with a cutting edge coated with platinum for optimum shaving ease. The 5 razor blades are individually wrapped in paper.  Astra Superior Platinum razors are gently to your skin and they are characterized by their longevity.

Derby extra

Made in Turkey, the Derby razor blade is a traditional safety razor is made of stainless steel (0.10 mm) with a special cut, double edge and a platinum coating. The 5 razor blades are individually wrapped in paper and come in a sealed plastic dispenser.

Razor fans consider the Derby to be a soft and durable razor blade and one of the best on the market.

Feather FH-10

The Japanese Feather FH-10 razor blades are suitable for all standard safety razors (such as Mühle Hobel and Merkur etc.) and are regarded as the sharpest razor blade on the market. These razor blades are known for their long life (cutting properties) and work cleanly and reliably even after several shaves. FH razor blades are double-edged, which is a term you may well have heard of or read about.

Feather razor blades are supplied in a plastic dispenser with 10 blades. The dispenser has a rear container for used blades.

Facts about the razor blade:Stainless steel
  • Platinum coated
  • Length: 42.7 mm
  • Width: 37.0 mm
  • Thickness: 0.10 mm

Personna Platinum

The Personna razor, highly sought after and discussed in relevant shaving forums.

Please note - we currently have a large supply of Personna razor blades packaged in a white protective film (see inset above), but they are exactly the same blades as the ones in the red film. The different packaging is simply a result of the various production sites. Personna has assured us that the blades are of an identical quality!

Since 1875, the "American Safety Razor Company" (ASRC) has manufactured wet razors and their matching blades. Personna has been produced since 1942 and is made of stainless Swiss steel. Personna is known for its sharpness along with its gentle cut and long durability

The Personna razor blade complies will all razor safety standards.


Individually wrapped stainless steel blades, suitable for all safety razors.

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