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Cutthroat razor

Cutthroat razor Cutthroat razors - the classic shave

The supreme discipline of the art of shaving is shaving with a straight razor. It takes time, a steady hand, and practice. But once you've learned to use a razor correctly, you'll never look back. No other system shaves the face and neck as thoroughly and smoothly as a straight razor. We supply a range of straight razors with different handle shapes, materials and lengths. As well as the quality of the razor itself, how you care for the blade is crucial. With proper care, your razor will be rust-free, sharp and precise for many years - sometimes even for generations. Thanks to this durability, a straight razor is the most sustainable of all razors.

Shaving with a straight razor isn't the easiest way to get a beard into shape. But it's much more than that: the razor shave is a ritual, part of a lifestyle and a way of slowing down everyday life. There's the preparation with lathering beforehand, then the shave itself requires skilful manipulation (and a corresponding investment of time). And once the beard care is complete, you need to care for the blade. A strop is essential to clean and sharpen it, and you also require a shaving brush, foam or shaving soap for shaving. You'll find a corresponding selection of accessories and shaving sets for newcomers to traditional shaving in our Heldenlounge.

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